Lizette Nin

Lizette Nin

Lizette Nin (She/Her, Dominican Republic, 1982) is a prominent Black/queer Dominican artist whose work focuses on autobiographical aspects and her Afro-descendant roots. Her art seeks to give visibility to groups and social struggles often forgotten by the mainstream.

One of her remarkable exhibitions, On Riots, Grief and Parties (MACBA 2020), expands the understanding of the history of sexual dissidence and antiracist activisms through the use of diverse materials such as archives, interviews, documents, and videos. This exhibition highlights key moments in feminist, LGBTIQ+ and sexual dissident culture, focusing on queer identities, political parties, civil rights and strategies of resistance to oppression. In the period 2020-2021, Lizette Nin worked on the Tapiès Foundation funded project Bar, related to the body and developed during the pandemic. She was resident at La Escocesa (Barcelona) until 2022, where she continued with a project related to creation.

Lizette’s career has been recognised with solo exhibitions at the Uxval Gochez Gallery in Barcelona (Orí Odé) and Tangent Projects (WO). In May 2021, she won the 1st prize at the Biennial of Photography and Video of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, thanks to her video Cubriré hasta volverte a ver.

She is working on a photographic project with the Sexiliadxs collective in Mexico City in November 2022. She also exhibited her work at O’quilombismo in Berlin in 2023.

Lizette Nin is giving the workshop Reconstructing an inclusive postcolonial gaze with Emilie Hallard.

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