Santa Maria Inc., patron saint of female and NB publishers and photographers.

Maria, like a song by Blondie or Bad Gyal.
Inc /iŋk/, like the ink used to tell your stories.
Maria Inc. like, we gonna run the world!

Maria Inc. finds, curates and publishes the photographic work of female and non-binary authors. Accompanying them through the editing process, giving greater visibility to their stories and publishing their photographic projects makes us extremely proud and happy.

Given the lack of narratives from these voices, and with a transfeminist and decolonial approach, we have decided to publish only women and non-binary artists. Because #RepresentationMatters.

Maria Inc. is a think tank that looks at the difficulties that women and non-binary people face when publishing their work and how to make them more widely known by creating networks and events dedicated to publishing by female and NB authors.

Maria Inc. is committed to DIY and ethical practices and education. In order to contribute to a change in the art world, we organise various photography and publishing workshops with guest practitioners from the queer and decolonial art and design sectors.