Silvia Renda

Silvia Renda

Silvia Renda (Italy, 1981) is a visual artist, editorial designer and independent researcher based in Barcelona. She holds an MA in Communication Sciences from the University of Bologna, a diploma in Photography from IED (Rome) and spent study periods at Ramon Lull University (Barcelona) and St.Joost Academie (Breda). Silvia mainly works with photographs and artist’s books, researching contemporary editorial practices to detect experiences in which the editorial mixes with curating, mediation or activism. Her work also takes the form of expanded photography installations and relational experiences.

In the last ten years, in addition to creating self-published editions, she has collaborated with other artists and publishing houses such as Postcart Edizioni and Maria Inc. Silvia researched on experimental publications at the center of arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona an she has conducted interdisciplinary workshops on art, photography and publishing, by designing methodologies for institutions such as the Gallery of Modern Art in Palermo and at the CCCB in Barcelona. She is a co-founder of Radial Radiant collective and is currently artist-in-residence at La Escocesa in Barcelona.

Silvia Renda is the designer of the photobooks of Maria Inc.

Photo Credit: Radial Radiant