Romy Alizée

Romy Alizée

Romy is the author of the photobook Furie

Romy Alizée (France, 1989) is a photographer, performer, actress and film-maker.

Her photographic work has been exhibited in several countries (France, China, Portugal, Switzerland, etc.). WARM INSIDE, her first solo show at Point Éphémère x Jerk Off festival, presents a selection of photographs that tell a subjective story of lesbian emancipation, desire and identity, based on her own image and that of her community.

Since 2019, she has been co-directing the series of short photographic films Romy & Laure with actress Laure Giappiconi. Interested in performance and writing, Romy Alizée is teaming up with artist Marianne Chargois on the conception of the show Gaze.S, a radical, autobiographical manifesto about the issues surrounding sex work.

In 2022, her sound documentary project Des Filles comme ça, co-written with artist Élisa Monteil, received two grants: aid for podcast authors from the French Ministry of Culture, and Brouillon d’un Rêve Sonore from La Scam.

At the same time, Romy Alizée works regularly with the newspaper Libération as a portraitist and as an actress.

Photo Credit: Romy Alizée
Extracts from the bio of the artist’s website.