FURIE by Romy Alizée


FURIE by Romy Alizée


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In the form of self-portraits, Romy Alizée then begins to orchestrate her universe, an erotic-pornographic universe of which she becomes the undeniable Queen. She surrounds herself with friends, lovers, actors and post-porn actresses, a community in where love mixes with protests. She stages her most intimate fantasies, plays with genders and glorifies feminine domination.

Romy Alizée delivers her vision of plural sexualities with humour and provocation. Her writing is new, raw, and queer, as are her models. Far from archaic archetypes of pornographic imagery produced by men for men. Free from codes, language reinvents itself. Becomes political. Radical. The pornographic image becomes feminist.

FURIE is a punk refrain, screamed in a mic grabbed by a velvet glove.

“Romy Alizée’s photography questions tired sexual narratives and explores whether imagery can empower women.” — Dazed

Furie is a deliciously exciting punk book that celebrates queer and playful sex. (…) Pure pleasure.” — Libération

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First limited & numbered edition of 150 copies, last copy
Second limited & numbered edition of 150 copies, sold out
Soft color cover, stampled, black and white digital print
19 x 25 cm, 60 pages.
Design: Silvia Renda and Emilie Hallard
Naming: Gonzalo Meléndez Oyarzabal
Papers: Fredigoni Old Mill et Garapat Kiara
Printing: Agpograf, Barcelona

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Dimensions 25 × 19 × 2 cm