Monique Belier

Monique Belier

Monique Belier (Netherlands, 1971) is a visual artist. Her work revolves around the themes of humanity, the body, and the mind. Her photobook Where the Spirit Meets the Bone has found its way to readers in several countries.

She worked for 20 years as an entrepreneur, teacher, and creator in the dance world before starting photography studies. In addition to her role as a photographer, she also embraces writing as a creative outlet. Her artistic journey is a reflection of her deep passion for the language of movement, capturing the human body, and exploring the intersection between art and life.

Furthermore, her efforts have garnered recognition from GUP (Guide to Unique Photography). She has been chosen as part of their Fresh Eyes talents for 2023. Moreover, her book was selected by the OFF Bratislava photo festival in Slovakia, and it is curated by the Dutch Photo Museum ‘Huis Marseille’ in Amsterdam.

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