American de Pablo Porlan



American de Pablo Porlan

15.00€ by Pablo Porlan

The open access that many United States governmental organizations provide to the average American citizen, and furthermore to every persona round the world, presents a unique point of view on how American people want to be seen. There are so many documents at hand (legal and political texts, letters, drawings, pictures and sounds) from such varied sources (federal agencies and departments such as NASA, museums, libraries, the army or federal and state police departments) that one could think of this information as a sort of collective memory of what America is.

When Pablo Porlan discovered all of the wonders that, or sites had to offer, he made the decision to ask them a personal question. One for which he had only second-hand experience. He wanted to know what living first-hand in the American Dream was : and so he asked « Dear Search Engines : American Dream ».

This fanzine is the result of what he found; a strange, innocent at times, and honest answer.

Colour, 48 pages, stapled, soft cover
21 x 15 cm, portrait format
50 copies

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