Who are we?

Maria Inc. is a think tank and a publishing house specialised in photography.

Maria Inc., by supporting high quality DIY practices and tailor-made approaches, offers creative solutions to its partners and clients.

Maria Inc. promotes the young and actual photographic scene with its photobooks and fanzines collections, as well as the values linked to micro- and self-publishing.

Maria Inc. pleads for education to photography and photobooks and for a broader diffusion and access by organising workshops and practical classes.

And finally, Maria Inc. supports emerging talents through different events and publications in France and abroad.

Art direction : Emilie Hallard

Maria Inc. is a non-profit association, pursuant to the French July 1901 law.

To write us : info.maria.inc@gmail.com

Our services


Maria Inc. is an independent publishing house, which promotes young photography and emerging publishing practices.


Maria Inc. organises practical workshops on self-publishing, which allow participants to learn how to edit their work, understand the weight of images and the sequencing’s meaning to further produce their own dummy thanks to simple design and bounding technics.



Maria Inc. promotes young authors’ works through various events, from its festival Le PhotobookFest, dedicated to micro- and self-publishing, to exhibitions hold in partnership with public and private entities, or through some wine and photobooks tastings.


Maria Inc. returns to its core, its original reason: photography ! We provide professional team and material for the design and production of your audio-visual projects. Maria Inc. works with professional photographer specialised in events, portraits, digital video and documentary, to offer you the best solutions..